Dedicated Finance Specialists

Our special financing team has been in the auto industry for over 20 years and works with a large number of Wisconsin based and national lenders as an advocate for our clients to get them the auto loan they need on terms they can manage and afford. We will help you re-establish good credit with an auto loan you can afford on a car you actually want.

The process begins by filling out a credit application. Once that is received by our team we’ll contact you to get more details of your situation and discuss what kind of vehicle you’re interested in purchasing.


Don’t hesitate to apply even if you’re dealing with any of the issues below:

  • Previously filed for bankruptcy.
  • Currently going through bankruptcy.
  • High balance of credit card debt.
  • Bad or poor credit scores.
  • Have had a car or other vehicle repossessed.
  • Have open collections account on your credit report.
  • Charged off credit cards, utilities or medical bills.
  • Unpaid medical, dental, or Doctor bills.

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