Here at Serwe Automotive, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality vehicles and an upfront buying experience. We are a tried and true, family-owned, and operated dealership. Charlie Serwe, our owner, has owned and operated several dealerships for the past 30 years and handpicks every vehicle on our lot. We search through thousands of vehicles every week looking for only the highest quality available, and we leave those that do not meet our high standards for our competitors to sell.  We do not buy any vehicle we personally wouldn't own for ourselves. You will NEVER find a salvage title, lemon law, flood vehicle, or any other "troubled" vehicles on our lot. Although vehicles like this may be "priced right", they tend to be big problems in the future, and will not be found on our lot.

When you come to browse our hand-picked inventory, Lucas Serwe will be there to greet you, take time to understand where you are in the buying process, and answer any questions you may have in a fast and friendly manner. 

How many times has this happened to you?

-Walked into a dealership only to be treated like you were interrupting the salesperson from finishing their morning coffee

-Feeling ignored if you weren't quite ready to buy that day

-Being pressured into signing paperwork without it being clear what it is you are signing

-Playing back and forth games and being told " let me talk to my manager"

-Agreeing to terms, only to have them changed when you get to the financing office

-Holding your keys or drivers license hostage and not letting you leave

This list of horrible business practices can go on and on, and NONE of these things will happen here at Serwe Automotive. If you are looking for a clear and upfront car-buying experience with one person working with you, we are the dealership for you! Come by and Lucas will be happy to help answer your questions, go on a test drive, put together a clear proposal of terms, secure your financing, and help you with all of the final paperwork. We believe one person working with customers throughout the entire car-buying process, from start to finish, is another business practice that sets us apart from other dealerships.

And so, if you are looking for a high-quality, used vehicle that you can trust, an easy buying experience, and a fair deal then Serwe Automotive is the dealership for you! Feel free to call us any time at 262-477-1180, email Lucas at lucas@serweauto.com, send us a message from our website, or stop in to see Charlie and Lucas today!