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5 Signs Your Vehicle Needs Servicing

Cars and automobiles have evolved drastically. Just like our bodies, cars need a substantial amount of care and maintenance. Continuous working and no proper maintenance can damage them, leading to hefty expenses on repairs.

Following a schedule for car servicing and keeping an eye on the car’s performance can help avert unnecessary costs. Here are five things to be attentive to if you drive a car, which indicate that your car needs servicing.

Flashing Warning Lights

Futuristic and modern cars are good at indicating what’s wrong with them. They do this by illuminating the light on the dashboard, which means “Check Engine.”

Many cars have a service light that will come on when the next service is due. If you see a yellow light flashing upon the meter, then you should take the car for service, as there are a range of locomotion problems this light could indicate.

Degraded Ride Comfortability

Simply put, if you’re not getting the level of comfort you paid for, then it’s time to put some work into your vehicle.

Getting hitches and irregular steering while driving is a common indicator that the car is operating slow. You might notice the tires scraping as well. These symptoms can signal an issue with your Suspension.

This is a sign that your car needs service, and to keep it in top-notch condition, you should follow the service manual and get it checked regularly.

Unusual Vibration and Noises

When you drive a car, the most annoying thing you can experience is unwanted vibrations and shudders; and they should be checked before they develop into a serious error. Different noises mean different issues.

  1. The hoods whining sounds are caused by a loose wire belt and can cause various issues from overheating to battery problems.

  2. Unusual noises from the exhaust because of a hole or crack in it. It is easy to fix but can result in your exhaust pipe getting destroyed if not tended early.

  3. The metal clashing sound could be a broken part of your car, scrubbing on something, causing damage to both the parts.

  4. Uneven engine noises could occur if your car is not able to handle the air/ fuel mixture and can be fixed easily by replacing spark plugs.

Exhaust Smoke And Leaks

If fumes come from the car, you are not in any excessive danger. It can be because of overheating or radiator issues. It is suggested to take a look at your car’s temperature, and if it’s maxed, then let the car cool down until it reaches the middle of the gauge. Excessive smokes from the hood can be a result of oil leaks. If you see blue smoke coming from your car, then it is safe to get someone to tow your car to the garage because it can be a costly problem caused by burning oil.

Smokes and leaks can be of many types depending upon a range of issues, such as worn engine oil seals, head gasket failure, worn valve seals, etc.

Some leaks can indicate significant problems, whereas some can turn out to be mere ignition irregularities.

Sensitive Brakes and Gears

The brakes system and gearbox are the most used utilities of a vehicle and experience wear and tear regularly, making them a lot more prone to dysfunctioning. Gear and brake problems are easily noticeable and easy to fix on an early basis.

Some common issues can be transmitted vibrations while changing gears or squealing when you apply the brakes.

This could be because of worn-out discs or pads, a suspension problem, or an issue with your steering. These symptoms generally arise due to tire wear, so make sure your tires have the required 1.6mm tire tread.

What Is the Best Way to Avoid Problems?

Car owners are always up with questions regarding car problems. The best way to avoid any damage is to make sure to follow specific steps such as:

  1. Regular service and maintenance according to schedule.

  2. Checking the service plan provided to you.

  3. Never wait for things to go wrong, and always try to keep things healthy.

It is essential to take notice of these issues, as they might result in a big problem; then, even your warranty or insurance will not cover it.

Article Originally published on Cars 24.com by Divyanshi Bhardwaj

How Trim Level & Options Affect Trade In Value

What Is My Car Worth?

When you go to trade your car at a dealership, some of the more obvious things to consider is the condition of the vehicle, trim level and options of your car. The dealer looks at its resale value which is driven by factors such as how popular the model is, how much demand there is for that model and what the going rate is for similar models.

How does the condition of the vehicle affect trade in value?

Mechanical and cosmetic conditions are the two biggest factors that affect a car's value. If your car is in good mechanical condition, it means that it doesn't have any major problems and is safe to drive. A car in good cosmetic condition will have a clean interior and exterior with no major dents, scratches or rust.

Cars that need mechanical work means the dealer will likely have to spend money fixing it before they can sell it, so they'll give you a lower trade-in value. Likewise, if your car has cosmetic damage, the dealer will want to repair it or discount the price to sell it as-is.

How does mileage of the vehicle affect its trade in value?

According to an article on KBB

The United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration said that the average person drove 14,263 miles per year in 2019. That's roughly 1,200 miles per month per driver or about 39 miles per day. By comparison, the DOT said the average annual miles was 13,476 in 2018.

If your car has more than that, it may have a lower trade-in value because it has been driven more than average. A car with low mileage is typically worth more than a car with high mileage. The reason for this is that cars with low mileage are less likely to have mechanical problems.

What are trim levels for a car?

The trim level of your vehicle can play a role in trade-in value because it indicates what features are included. For example, a lower trim level may not have certain features like power windows and locks, while a higher trim level will have all the bells and whistles. When it comes to options, things like a sunroof or navigation system can add value to your car.

The base model is usually the cheapest because it has the least amount of features. As you move up in trim levels, the price of the vehicle will increase because there are more features included. The most expensive trim level is typically the luxury model or the performance model.

How do options affect the trade in value of a car?

Options can add both practicality and luxury to a vehicle, making it more desirable and, as a result, increasing its resale value. Luxury models will have features like heated seats, leather upholstery and a premium sound system. Performance models will have a more powerful engine and better handling.

Options that come standard on a particular trim level will usually have less of an effect on resale value than options that are available as upgrades. This is because cars that come with certain options already included are more common, so there is less demand for them.

How does demand affect the trade in value of a car?

The demand for a certain model can play a role in its trade-in value. If there is high demand for a certain model, the trade-in value will be higher because dealerships know they can sell it quickly. On the other hand, if there is low demand for a certain model, the trade-in value will be lower because it will take the dealership longer to sell.

What is your car worth?

Trade in value can depend on a number of factors such as condition, mileage, trim level, options and demand. Dealers rely on these factors as well as industry specific resources to establish what they're willing to give you for.

Is it time to trade in your vehicle?

We would love to give you a great offer for your old car. We are always looking for new inventory. Selling a car can be a hassle, so we take care of all the paperwork for you. You won't have to worry about haggling with buyers or setting up appointments for test drives.

Contact us today to learn more about the process.

Why Now Is The Best Time To Trade In Your Car!

Get Top Dollar For Your Trade!

 If you are in the market for a new car, now is an excellent time to trade in your old one. Dealer inventory is low, as a result, dealerships are now offering better deals on trade-ins than they have in the past. 


What are some benefits of trading in a car for a newer model

  1. Trade-ins are at an all-time high, and likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

  2. You'll get a better deal now than you would in the past

  3. It will be easier to find financing for your new car since dealerships have less inventory on their lot

When you trade in your old car for a newer model, you can expect to receive a number of benefits. First, you'll get a newer, more reliable car. Newer cars have better fuel economy and safety features than older models. Finally, you'll have the opportunity to trade in your old car for a new one with the same or lower monthly payments.


What should I do to get my car ready to trade it in?

If you're thinking about trading in your old car for a new one, there are a few things you can do to get your car ready. Most importantly, make sure the car is clean inside and out. This will make it more attractive to potential buyers and help you get a better price. 

You should also fix any cosmetic damage and have the car serviced so that it is in good working condition. Finally, gather all of the paperwork related to the car, including the title, registration, and maintenance records. This will make it easier for the dealer to process the trade-in.

Do car dealers take trade-ins with out you buying one of their cars?

Yes, most car dealerships will accept trade-ins even if you don't plan to buy a car from them.  As a matter of fact this gives dealer's a faster way to increase their inventory without relying on the traditional auction route.

Car Buying Tips Everyone Can Use

How Much Car Can You Afford?

In order to find out how much you can afford, lenders will want to know your gross monthly income and your existing monthly debts. To calculate your maximum monthly debt, simply add up your monthly expenses including:

- Mortgage or rent payments

- Loan payments

- Credit card payments

- Childcare costs

- Alimony or child support payments

- Any other regular expenses

Find the Right Car

There are a lot of cars on the market today, which can make it difficult to narrow down your choices. For example, if you have a family or travel frequently with friends, you’re going to want a bigger car vs looking for a car just to commute back and forth to work. Another thing to consider is how much you’re willing to spend on gas each month.

Before you start shopping for a car, sit down and think about what you need:

- How many people will regularly ride with you?

- Do you drive long distances often or stick mainly to city streets?

- What style of car do you prefer? Are certain colors or brands more important to you than others?

- What kind of special features are must-haves for your ideal vehicle (e.g. heated seats, built in navigation)?

Once you have a good idea of the basics, it’s time to make a list of pros and cons for each candidate that fits your budget so that you can decide on the best option for YOU.

The Law of Supply & Demand

After you've chosen a few cars within your budget, it's time for some investigating. Initially, you'll want to find out if there are a lot of cars on the market for that make and model. The more common the car, you'll have more options to find one in your price range

Cars in high demand tend to cost more than those in low demand because there are more people looking to buy them.

If you've found the perfect car, it's now time to secure financing. We work with reputable lenders who will work hard to get you the best rates for your budget. they'll provide different payment options based on your down payment, income and credit score.

Are You Ready To Buy Your Next Car?

Follow the steps above and you'll be on your way to finding an affordable car that meets all of your needs. Don't forget, we're here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you get behind the wheel of your dream car.


Let's talk about Financing. 
It is a HUGE part of most vehicle purchases but seems to be something that lots of people have many questions about. In fact, it is probably the thing most people ask about. There are dozen of great websites that give you information on types of vehicles, fair pricing, options, and how best to purchase a vehicle, but not any of what financing a vehicle all entails. I am hoping to answer some of those questions with this short piece. 

Here at Serwe Automotive, we do have financing available. This is something that you do not always see independent (used) dealerships like ours. For a dealership to qualify to offer financing, we have to have typically been in business longer than 5 years, a good reputation, quality vehicles, and a solid financial footing. At that point, banks will start to consider partnering with an independent dealer. That is why we hold lots of pride in the fact that we do offer this service for our customers. 

When as a dealership, we partner with financial institutions, be it Banks or Credit Unions, that is called indirect financing. This is opposed to in-house financing, which is more commonly called, buy-here-pay-here. This you see almost exclusively for cheaper vehicles, and for customers with extremely challenged credit. The reason I say extremely challenger credit is because there are Banks, that we are partnered with that will fiancing people with lower credit. We have personally helped people with 540 credit scores in the past with these banks. I could write pages on what is commonly known as Sub-Prime financing, and at some point will. if you are someone that might have less than stellar credit, please reach out to us and let us help you work through your situation. It is extremely easy to be taken advantage of and even if we cannot help you, we can guide you to what your best options may be.

For everyone else, financing still can be confusing. Here at Serwe Automotive, we try and make the process as easy as possible. What we like to do is have our customers fill out a credit application, found on our website. We take that information, look at what vehicle you are looking at, and match you with the best bank or credit union. Currently, as I write this post (02/02/2021), interest rates are as low as 1.99%. Now those rates are available for short term (36 mo.), newer vehicles (2018 and newer), with a 20% down payment... See how it can get confusing! Most of our customers, with good credit, qualify for 60-75 mo. terms with rates falling between 3.29-3.99% APR. 

I hope so far this has been somewhat enlightening on a few of the basic questions we run across when it comes to financing. It is an ever-changing part of our business and something that we find to be a great value that we offer to our customers. I now am going to do some rapid-fire topics and how they can impact your loan...

APR/ Interest rate: This is the "cost" of borrowing the money.

Term: This is the length of time you have to pay the loan back. The term is normally based on the year and mileage of the vehicle you are borrowing against. The typical range is between 36 - 84 months. 

Down Payment: They are not always necessary. I would say around 30-40% of the deals we fiance have no money down. In the past, banks would like to see upwards of 20% down on a vehicle, but with interest rates at all-time lows, banks have seen less of a need for a down payment. Some of the benefits of down payments are... 
-lower monthly payments
-possibly lower interest rate
-easier to trade out of your vehicle soon 

Income: This comes into play when you have other outstanding debts. Banks want to make sure your monthly payment is something you can afford. Your income comes parted to your current monthly debt you have to pay (known as debt to income level). Different banks have different level they allow for DTI and depends on the level of income you have. 

Employment: Similar to income, employment plays a role in approval as well. Typically banks will ask for your previous 2 years of employment. What they are looking for is stability. Just because you switch jobs recently does not me that banks will not be financing you. BUT if you change jobs as often as you get hair cuts, banks will shy away. 

Residency: This plays a role in DTI just like income when looking at your mortgage payment or monthly rent. As well as employment, if you are moving from State to State or City to City, this will also be a red flag for banks. 

Co-signer: Typically co-signers are needed to younger people with limited to no credit experience. It is kind of like job experience. You need a job to have job experience, but you need job experience to get a job. Same thing for credit experience. That is where having a parent co-sign on the purchase will help. Also, for people with less than perfect credit, co-signers can be a way to qualify for a loan as well. 

As you can see, Auto loans can be a complicated deal. Next to buying a house, it's the biggest purchase you will make. We are here to help make that process as easy as possible. We hope this post has given a little clarity to the situation. Although we only have scratched the surface, please feel free to get in touch with us with any questions you might have. 

Thank you, 

Serwe Automotive


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Why Buy From Us


Here at Serwe Automotive, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality vehicles and an upfront buying experience. We are a tried and true, family-owned, and operated dealership. Charlie Serwe, our owner, has owned and operated several dealerships for the past 30 years and handpicks every vehicle on our lot. We search through thousands of vehicles every week looking for only the highest quality available, and we leave those that do not meet our high standards for our competitors to sell.  We do not buy any vehicle we personally wouldn't own for ourselves. You will NEVER find a salvage title, lemon law, flood vehicle, or any other "troubled" vehicles on our lot. Although vehicles like this may be "priced right", they tend to be big problems in the future, and will not be found on our lot.

When you come to browse our hand-picked inventory, Lucas Serwe will be there to greet you, take time to understand where you are in the buying process, and answer any questions you may have in a fast and friendly manner. 

How many times has this happened to you?

-Walked into a dealership only to be treated like you were interrupting the salesperson from finishing their morning coffee

-Feeling ignored if you weren't quite ready to buy that day

-Being pressured into signing paperwork without it being clear what it is you are signing

-Playing back and forth games and being told " let me talk to my manager"

-Agreeing to terms, only to have them changed when you get to the financing office

-Holding your keys or drivers license hostage and not letting you leave

This list of horrible business practices can go on and on, and NONE of these things will happen here at Serwe Automotive. If you are looking for a clear and upfront car-buying experience with one person working with you, we are the dealership for you! Come by and Lucas will be happy to help answer your questions, go on a test drive, put together a clear proposal of terms, secure your financing, and help you with all of the final paperwork. We believe one person working with customers throughout the entire car-buying process, from start to finish, is another business practice that sets us apart from other dealerships.

And so, if you are looking for a high-quality, used vehicle that you can trust, an easy buying experience, and a fair deal then Serwe Automotive is the dealership for you! Feel free to call us any time at 262-477-1180, email Lucas at lucas@serweauto.com, send us a message from our website, or stop in to see Charlie and Lucas today!

Full Spectrum Financing

We are extremely excited about the addition of FULL SPECTRUM FINANCING! We have recently partnered with the top lenders in the nation to offer financing for all! With these great lenders, we will not only be able to continue to give the lowest rates, we now can help with less than perfect credit. With our easy pre-approval process, we can help get you on the road with a nicer, newer vehicle. With our help to connect the lenders and yourself, your new auto loan will help you reestablish your credit to start getting you back on track. Apply now on our Financing tab! 

Don’t hesitate to apply even if you’re dealing with any of the issues below:

·         Previously filed for bankruptcy.

·         Currently going through bankruptcy.

·         High balance of credit card debt.

·         Bad or poor credit scores.

·         Have had a car or other vehicle repossessed.

·         Have open collections account on your credit report.

·         Charged off credit cards, utilities or medical bills.

·         Unpaid medical, dental, or Doctor bills


Chevrolet Medium-duty to return in 2019

Check out this article on autoblog. The "new" Chevrolet medium duty has been gone for almost a decade and is set to return in 2019. This segment was removed back in 2009 with the restructuring of GM. It has pushed contractors to go with more expensive, larger models. I believe this will be a huge success for GM with a large pent up demand for an affordable medium-duty truck. Will be interesting to see price point and availability for these truck in the coming year. 

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